MD3- Assignment Blog: Behaviorist learning theory, instructional strategies, and technology tools

In the 21st century teachers need to know how to teach more effective practices in the classroom. Teaching and classroom management are both important to define an effective teacher. As educators we need to know how to use behaviorism theory and strategy to develop and improve classroom management. Behavior is positive and negative reinforcement.

Dr. Orey (2015) stated behaviorism including two conditions.1, Reinforcement of desirable behaviors.2, Punishment of undesirable behaviors. Reinforcement is more powerful than punishment. If a teacher use reinforcement theory in an appropriate manner, that is a more powerful tool to engage students learning. The punishment theory easily loses students’ interest. In Dr. John Wilkinson (2013) video “Teaching with behaviorism”, the teacher describes and demonstrates the class outline and content, then practices with monitoring and praise to engage students’ learning behavior. Teachers should be utilizing positive reinforcement strategy to motivate students’ good learning behavior and provide a positive learning environment. Pilter, Hubbell, and Kuhn (2012) stated the instructional strategy of reinforcing effort enhances students’ understanding of the relationship between effort and achievement by addressing their attitudes and beliefs about learning. To use the strategy of reinforcing effort effectively, teachers must understand the relationship between effort and achievement and the importance of consistently exposing students to information related to effort (p.57). As teachers should provide students with explicit rubric to guide students exactly knowing and understanding how to make a great effort achievement. Pilter, Hubbell, and Kuhn (2012) also stated technology helps students and teachers to better track the effects of effort and provide more immediate feedback to students. An easy way to help students make the connection between effort and achievement is by using a spreadsheet (p.58). If teachers use technology to make a spreadsheet and give students a clue of what effort looks like, then students could connect between effort and achievement, track their effort, and get feedback from teachers immediately.

Currently, my senior students are tired to do an assignment because their academic workload is too heavy. In order to motivate my students learning achievement, I would utilize multiple technology tools to teach, to practice, and to help students understand effort and achievement. Using positive reinforcement to encourage students’ learning behaviorism, I would use Genius Hour program to integrate curriculum. This genius hour program has to use technology to complete it and it must meet ISTE standards for students 4, Students use a variety of technologies within a design process to identify and solve problems by creating new, useful or imaginative solutions. This program also meets ISTE standards for teachers 1 b, engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources. And 1c, promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students’ conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative process. During Genius Hour program, I would use positive reinforcement behaviorism theory to courage my students’ learning behavior and to motivate students to create their passion and favorite projects.



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2 thoughts on “MD3- Assignment Blog: Behaviorist learning theory, instructional strategies, and technology tools

  1. Ruth Weaver says:

    I found the ideas of negative and positive reinforcement to be one of the most interesting parts of behaviorism! I loved the way that it explained the theory without the idea of punishment being in the forefront.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lilaoshiclassroomblog says:

    I like the idea of behaviorism is a key element and guiding factor for most educational technology. Teachers utilize technology tools to engage students’ learning to become positive behavior learners, raise students’ learning interest, and help them have successful achievement.


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