Graphic organizer mapping for cognitive learning (Week 4)

My graphic organizer mapping “Chinese cuisines types map” that I designed for helping my students understand part of Chinese culture – Chinese cuisines. I also provide a virtual tour “The five major cuisines of China” to show different Chinese cuisines. I have students become four groups as northern, central, western, eastern parts of China and they need to collaborate to make a report as each group to introduce their cuisines after this tour and have learned graphic mapping information. From this tour, students could learn Chinese food culture of different cuisines that came from different provinces. As well as they could learn history and geography of China. Furthermore, in order to engage my students to prepare an AP test, improve their knowledge, and motivate them to learn achievement. Therefore, I utilize cognitive learning theory with concept mapping tools, elaboration, and Dual Coding of information; providing students to organize resources and information, effectively learning.

The five major cuisines in China virtual tour

Chinese cuisines types Graphic mapping


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